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Mr Angry

Been really busy and I’ll be posting the results soon, but first a rant…

I’ve a customer who wants to buy this print…

He’s an art collector and this is his first photograph. Size is 50x150cm. I’m not doing the frame. I sent him along to the best photo framers in town. They do all the big museums and galleries, they will also be printing the image. They deal ONLY in photography.

So, he goes one Saturday just after they closed, but there was a guy he talked to who gave him prices and options. Then, the best bit, the guy in the shop said ‘you know a photo only lasts for 15 years…’?

So I then have an outraged customer who more-or-less says he can’t trust me. So, I download Wilhelm, Kodak tech specs for Endura paper etc etc calms the guy down, but the doubt remains.

What the hell can you do when even ‘the experts’ give potential customers a crock of shit???