Photographs that changed the world…

… well, not the world maybe but certainly important for me.

El Borne

Going back through my archives to find an image, I found that a small number of pictures stood out as having marked a change of direction in what I was trying to do with my photography, and also in what I was ‘seeing’. A landmark, if you like, in personal development. This pic shouted at me as I walked past, one of those rare occasions when the image composes itself and you don’t need to work a scene.

It contains a number of elements that I followed-up in later work: foliage in an urban setting; an interest in narrative – something I’ve pursued since by using diptychs – ; and an element of the anthropomorphic, a forerunner for this image, with it’s snake-like corrugated metal entering the arena……

From ‘Works’


The last nine months have been a very fallow time for me. Far too much effort and far too many hours doing the boring stuff needed to pay the bills.

The good news is that I now have space to work on my photography on a regular basis.

My webpage has become unwieldy. I now need to pay someone to redesign it. I also need to buy more webspace! So, rather than wait for completed projects and a redesign, I’ve decided to share my ongoing work in the format of a blog. I’m going to be working on a number of projects simultaneously but posting the images as they happen. I’m also going to post pics I just happen to like. In other words, a totally out-of-context presentation of images.

If this happens to initially look like a guy just walking around with a camera having fun, rather than a deeper exploration of a topic, so much the better!