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Sant Adria de Besos

I’m starting to really enjoy tracking my photography with Google Earth. This was taken just above the red dot in the map, looking back towards Barcelona, inland towards the mountains. You’ll need to click through the map twice to get the full size version – WordPress seems to be a bit clunky in the version hosted by WP with what you can do with images

S. Adria bridge

Google earth - S.Adria de Besos

Photographs that changed the world…

… well, not the world maybe but certainly important for me.

El Borne

Going back through my archives to find an image, I found that a small number of pictures stood out as having marked a change of direction in what I was trying to do with my photography, and also in what I was ‘seeing’. A landmark, if you like, in personal development. This pic shouted at me as I walked past, one of those rare occasions when the image composes itself and you don’t need to work a scene.

It contains a number of elements that I followed-up in later work: foliage in an urban setting; an interest in narrative – something I’ve pursued since by using diptychs – ; and an element of the anthropomorphic, a forerunner for this image, with it’s snake-like corrugated metal entering the arena……

From ‘Works’

Olympic Village

Olympic Village, looking inlandOlympic village looking towards one of Barcelona’s ‘Twin Towers’Olympic Village - Polica Horse training school in the background

When Barcelona hosted the Olympics, whole sections of the city were pulled down and redevloped. The part of the Olympic Village that borders the beach is essentially Tourist City, but behind the frontline are different kinds of spaces.