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In a number of blogs and lists at the moment there are discussions about finding a gallery – notably here .

One of the pieces of advice that struck home recently was to avoid start-up galleries. Having suffered a fairly negative experience with a startup I passionately agree with this! Another good piece of advice is to only approach galleries whose work you feel enthusiastic about. Anyway, as I’m STILL waiting for the rollei to come back, I thought I’d start a mini series about galleries whose concepts I like.

I’ve had my eye on this gallery for a long time and I’d just love to get in. Needless to say it isn’t in Spain – but as I’m a stranger in a strange land here it doesn’t really matter! – but check out this place.

For me it would be ideal. An interest in urban landscape as represented by the work of Peter Bialobrzeski

together with the more ‘art’ side of the photo world as seen here in a series by Oliver Boberg

There is also a series of dips I quite like by Bernard Faucon

Anyway, one way to get your stuff under the nose of one of the directors of the gallery is to enter this competition .