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Book offer

from Blurb…

To make it easier, here’s an offer to share that gives people 20% off your book. Have your fans and followers use the code FANS at checkout and they get 20% off a print book from now until October 23, 2012.


Not that I have ‘Fans’ mind…. discerning connoisseurs of photography maybe… groupies… not for decades…and never in photography…


I’ve been tasked with clearing out some of my photo books in order to create some space. After initially kicking and screaming, I had a good think and saw it as an exercise in seeing exactly where my tastes have changed over the years.

The first obvious candidates were Nachtwey’s Inferno, and my Salgado books. Big heavy tomes. Haven’t looked at them in years. Trouble is too big and heavy for the ‘bay – so here they stay until I can find someone locally.

Alex Webb’s ‘Hot light’ was the first to hit ebay – once a sacred cow and my most read book, not a hint of loss.

Gary Winogrand’s Man in the Crowd, again hadn’t been read for years, pristine, gone on the ‘bay

Ray Metzker’s ‘City Stills’ – again once a revelation now  up for sale without a thought.

So what wouldn’t I sell? Anything by Friedlander, Eggleston, Atget, Geoffrey James, John Gossage, Robert Adams, Harvey Benge, Sylvia Plachy, Huger Foote, Jim Cooke, Patrick Shanahan, Metzker’s Lanscapes, Frank, no surprises I guess!


Anyone locally want to make me an offer for the Nachtwey and Salgado? 🙂