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Minimal Pair 7

I’ve been working through, and fine-tuning, my ‘Exotic’ series recently and I have found that I’ve really been working on two different ideas. So this has now been split into two projects, ‘Exotic’ and ‘Minimal Pairs’. The ‘Exotic’ strand you can see here, and the ‘Minimal Pair’ strand here.

I’m still not ready to write statements about these yet – or even finalise constructions or an edit –  but I hope there are enough ‘Exotic’ prints up on the blog now to give people a clue, but here is a wikky link about minimal pairs.

And now, another work print for the ‘Minimal Pair’ project.


Just had an email from Tim Atherton that the post content is being ‘eaten’ by I.E.6.

I only have Firefox, IE7, Opera 6/7/8 so I can’t see the problem so this isn’t going to be easy to fix.

But I have to ask… why is anyone using a) an old browser and b) IE??????? Only joshing.


Looks like I’ve solved that problem but if anyone has any difficulties in browsers, please let me know.


Got the blog imported and working.

What a joy WordPress is in comparison to Movable Type!!! I’m a fairly intelligent person, not a tech or web genius, but I can get my head around most things designed for normal mortals – well ok, except flash, and CSS position markers give me a headache. But MT is so badly, clunkily designed and the documentation is as dense as a doctoral thesis! I’d tried for about 4 days last week to make the migration to with MT but gave up. Hence my joy with how easy the install and setup of WP went.

I’ve listed my reasons for shifting blog location in the last post on the old blog

I’m quite happy with the new look although I miss the red banner bg – I may put that back. I was also really happy to find out whilst googling around, that #808080 is 50% grey, so I’ve now got a totally neutral bg to present pics. I’ll probably be playing when, and if, I have time.


Ok I put the red banner back. Next problem is it looks ok in Firefox but in IE the header text has an underline – now where the bugger is that coming from…

Update 2.

Ok got that sorted. Never forget that a clickable title also takes the css attributes of a link – write out 100x