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  1. Two irrelevant questions, one you can probably answer, the other probably not (at least in a functional way.)
    1. Why is this post dated 9 January 2012?
    2. Why did this page incorrectly identify my browser as IE 6 rather than Chrome.

    I think the accordion idea is interesting. What if it were a polyphonic accordion in the sense that it had multiple out folding tychs? Eg., spiral bound at one end and in such a way that various tychs could be opened to differing extents and overlaind with / on other extents for viewing?


  2. European date format Ed! And I have no idea why wordpress identified your browser incorrectly. Yup that is kind of the idea, a foldout book that opens linearly and then vertically across some images creating intersections. Playing with folded bit of paper to work out how it would work. I am also playing with your idea which is an amalgam of John Gossages 39 inch rule book which reads different upside down, and the scroll pics I put up on FB yesterday…

  3. Something nice about putting the sort of multiple pathways associated with digital space out into physical space. Very lovely but would love to see the full unwarpping. Does a vertical trajectory always initiated at the first or last of the sequence or can it go in both directions?

  4. I need to do a ‘proof of concept’ to show how I think this will work. The blog is tricky as it is designed to always work vertically. I see this sequence as being horizontal – vertical ‘links’ as a rule shouldn’t happen at the start or end IMO as that just maintains a linear reading. Vertical ‘runs’ could be coming off the linear run in either sequences that may or may not start/end with horizontal pic, or there may just be the odd ‘single’ tagged vertically onto a linear pic. One immediate problem I have is I have NEVER constructed straight linear narratives without blank pages to mark the end of ‘chapters’…

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