Pictures I’m gonna stop making

Getting a bit fed-up of opening Lightroom only to see the same photos that I keep making. Like these…

Don’t mind, as Martin Parr so eloquently put it, wading through crap to get to where I’m going, just don’t want to keep walking through the same crap!

2 thoughts on “Pictures I’m gonna stop making”

  1. I quite like the first one and of course you have to be careful about crossing everything off your list and ending up shooting nothing.

  2. I like it too, but I’ve dozens very similar. You are right, don’t want to cross things off, but when you KNOW when you make the pic you’ve dozens of the same image…
    One thing the move away from film gave us was a freedom to shoot whenever the shutter button itched, then edit later. A BIT of thought before scratching the itch can’t be wrong though!

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