Still Looking For It

Just ordered Harvey Benge’s latest book, Still Looking For It.

I really need to find out how he makes these as he is selling them for a lot less than I could even make a 40 page book with decent paper on Blurb, let alone include postage and a little bit for the photo fund!

The other two artist books (as opposed to published books) I’ve got from Harvey have been double sided photo paper then just stapled without a board cover. Looking forward to seeing how this one  is constructed.

Looking at the new paper options on Blurb, photo paper would bang my book up to over 50euros cost ex-shipping.

More when I get the book…


Whilst I was writing this post, Harvey published details of his new book on his blog, Some of John’s Friend’s .

Love the layouts – totally different from anything else he’s done I think (normal caveat regarding I may have missed a book or two!)


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