4 thoughts on “Pappelallee 5”

  1. I particularly like these ones with a ‘low key’ background and that are totally and unapologetically ‘digital.’ I’m looking through JPG eyes, of course.

  2. And it prints awful on matte paper with K3 inks. Or so I find. Of course, you an ‘pull’ them down into the low tones, but a) these seem pretty high-contrast so you’d find it hard to keep from blowing out and b) you’re strategy about *when* to pull — given your composing — for consistency would be a real challenge. Nothing wrong with that of course; depends on your commitment to the enterprise.

  3. I’ve not tried printing that one – I doubt it would make a final cut as it is very one dimensional. I’ve printed a few of the mid tone-based ones, and they look good. Just had a 1m print back of Pappelalle 3 for a customer, and it looks great!

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