3 thoughts on “Rabbit Run 4”

  1. Am enjoying this series, Julian: a nice blend of whimsical and formal elements, held together by… what? Don’t know but I know what I like. Good to see you snapping again / still.

  2. snapping again, I think. I had my phone stolen so I’m using the digi cam. Lost my job in June thanks to the US banking fall-out, so more time and mental space to think about this stuff.
    I’m finding that even with the screen turned off, and almost shooting on auto, my stuff still looks the same!
    Your son my appreciate Rabbit Run – Keith Rowe and Thomas Lehn…

  3. The elder son, the sometimes guitar player, musical gadfly, is in second year university studying Economics, Political Science with a dash of Philosophy. We’re not picking up a lot of artsy vibes at the moment which, from a purely pragmatic (and financial) point of view, is fine. At twenty, one supposes, perhaps hopes, there is time to stretch out, make returns, etc.

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