3 thoughts on “Exotic 32”

  1. Beaches! Nothing but oil, sweat, elevated blood pressure and dashed expectations. Far, far better to be sitting stable in a suitably philosophical environment contemplating the coolness of one’s maturity of vision.

    Lovely harmonies here. Glad you’re still at it.

  2. I’m shooting a lot at the moment Ed, what I’m really bad at is putting the stuff up! I’m also working a lot on some music. I’ve got a piece going called ‘if my sound was my voice’ which is based on one note samples of Miles Davis sounds… I need to put up a new blog for the music, but the thought of struggling with CSS and another wordpress install gives me the shakes though. I spent 2 hours yesterday upgrading and then repairing the blog to go to 2.8.2 only to be told I now need to upgrade to 2.8.3!

    One decision I’ve made is that the rollei goes on ebay this week… quite sad, but it is just sitting there…

  3. As always, love the harmonies as Ed so eloquently describes it. Bar stools can have their own charm but it’s nice to stagger down to the beach from time to time….

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