Nancy Rexroth

I notice that Photoeye has an auction for Nancy Rexroth’s ‘Iowa’

I’ve always liked her work. She was one of the first to use the Holga-type (in her case the Diana) camera before it’s fuzzyness was ‘instant art’ or anyone had a use for it. She is also one of the few who make it work IMO – and speaking as someone who tried for a long time to do something new with it and failing miserably.

Her prints are diminutive, many just 4×4 inches.

Stephen Wirtz has the Iowa work on his web site


  1. To Nancy Rexroth.

    Still beautiful Nancy.

    Have thought about you so often – over 40 years. Finally found you here on the web, though I’ve googled before and had no luck.

    Thrilled to know you pursued your art.

    If you get this let me know how you are, what you are doing.

    I moved from San Diego back to New York in 2004.

    A psychotherapist since 1989.

    Take care and hope to hear from you.


  2. Katie Quinn: Katie, I have wondered about you for many years as well. I still remember when your son way born, and you moved to New York……..please write me at…….
    My Katie Quinn a psychotherapist, heavens to betsy…….please contact me NL Rexroth

  3. Thanks for mentioning/featuring “Iowa.” I think about this beautiful work, then forget, then go hunting again for a copy. Seeing this post sent me on a search again and, whadayaknow, I landed a copy for a not-too-extravagant price. I’ll be so happy to have it in my hands.

  4. I treasure the copy of IOWA that Nancy gave to me, as thanks for helping her get to the Dayton airport, when I was an undergrad student at Wright State University circa 1980. I review it often to this day, and recall how dedicated she was to her art. Nancy, if you care to check in with me, I’d love to hear from you!

  5. Hi, Nancy. I happened to come across the copy of “Iowa” that you were so kind to give me, as I was going through some of my books tonight. I googled you and got this website. It’s been at least 25 years since we did yoga together in Dayton! I hope you are doing well. My email is (Ann Arbor, MI) if you’d like to catch up. By the way, I am still doing yoga………………Best regards, Jim MacBain

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